Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a precision process that utilises high energy laser light pulses to provide both accurate apertures and positional tolerances. This process can be enhanced by combining it with PCM or PEF technologies to provide hybrid solutions such as multi-level stencils.


  • Stainless Steel 'full-hard' (302, 304)
  • Ni and Ni-alloys


The diversity of parts and tools that can be produced by laser cutting is huge. However, here are some typical examples:

Laser cut stencils Multi-level laser-formed stencils
Laser-formed stencils Inspection templates
Multi-level laser stencils  


Whatever can be produced by CAD on an X/Y axis is suitable for the laser process.

Positional accuracy: ± 12.5µ (0.0005") (Over 600 x 600mm)
Aperture dimensional tolerances: ± 9µ (0.0003")
Standard material thicknesses available: 0.100, 0.125, 0.150, 0.200, 0.250mm 0.004", 0.005", 0.006", 0.008", 0.010" Other thicknesses are available on request.
Repeatability: ± 16µ (0.00075")

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