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Veco B.V.

Veco B.V is a world leading manufacturer of precision metal parts and metal filters. To meet customers´ specifications and demands, Veco has developed high standards of performance in electroforming, photo-etching and metal finishing. These technologies allow a powerful combination of precision and economical production; for high volumes and prototypes, standard and custom made products. Research and development programs and stringent Quality Control Standards are key to the cutting edge solutions we supply.

Veco started in 1934 as a manufacturer of sieves made by the electroforming process and has been part of the SPGPrints Group since 1975. Veco is now part of the SPGPrints Group, which is the global leading company in the textile and graphics printing markets. Veco products are exported worldwide, direct and via sales offices and agents all over the world.

Veco´s core competences are:

           Broad know-how in photolithography, electroforming and photo-etching

           In-house process engineering and R&D - Co-engineering

           Extensive application know-how

           High volume production abilities at very high precision in reproducible processes

           Extensive clean room facilities (>2000 m2)

           Fully automated inspection equipment available

           ISO 9001, ISO TS16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified