Multicavity Enclosures

Multicavity Enclosures

  • Time and PCB real-estate saving
  • Easier, faster and more cost-effective procurement
  • Simplified RFI/EMC design and PCB track layoutv
  • Fully compatible with lead-free re-flow soldering
  • Consistent solder-joint electromechanical integrity
  • Minimises rework
  • Simplifies production and test

A labyrinth screening can is an effective one-part board level alternative to single cast parts, or multiple cans, providing a matrix of walls and sections, for single or double-sided PCB designs. The technique can be applied to a wide range of areas, offering superior EMC performance and delivering significant time, cost and PCB real-estate savings, especially in microwave and telecommunications applications. The RFI/EMC design and PCB track layout can be simplified, board sizes can be reduced, assembly simplified and re-work minimised.

The labyrinth technique is compatible with re-flow soldering. The designs ensure consistent solder-joint electromechanical integrity and minimise the need for hand- and re-work, speeding both production and test.

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