Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

  • Bespoke service with low-cost tooling
  • Rapid turnround
  • Effective cost-efficient designs
  • Fully traceable quality control
  • Any volume - any complexity

Tecan provides design, development and production engineers with a total bespoke EMI/RFI screening can service, from the smallest can to the most complex labyrinth design.

A wealth of experience and expertise ensures cost-effective benefits are applied to individual printed circuit board screening cans and enclosures, from concept to production.

Assuring excellent electromechanical integrity, options include fences, dividing walls, spring-finger lids, simple fold lids, five-sided enclosures, labyrinths, full enclosures and screening meshes. The parts are compatible with all standard production requirements, including surface-mount, pick and place and reflow assembly. Their inherent mechanical accuracy and consistency often eliminates the need for separate assembly operations or post-reflow rework.

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