Precision mesh

Precision mesh

Precision metal mesh is produced by Tecan using Photo Electro Forming (PEF) for a wide range of filtration applications. These include:

  • Wet or dry, hot or cold
  • Imaging transmission control
  • Electrical signal and sonic control
Photo Electro Formed mesh offers distinct advantages over conventional woven wire mesh, including:
  • Zero edge delamination
  • Bar height flexibility
  • Thickness consistency
  • Accurate aperture sizes and shapes
  • Ease of cleaning
  • and, most importantly, 100% throughput of material as, unlike woven wire mesh, there is no particle trapping.


TolerancesDown to +/- 2 microns
Aperture sizesDown to 3 microns
Surface areaUp to 24"
Lines per inchUp to 1000
MaterialsTypically hard and soft nickel - other metals possible
Plating/ finishingElectroless nickel, hard acid gold, pure soft gold (other finishes are available - ask for details)

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