Crystal masks

Crystal masks

Crystal masks are used to enable deposition on to quartz crystals by evaporation-sputtering.

Since 1975, Tecan has been supplying highly accurate and durable single (for 4 or 5 part stacks) and multi-level (for 2 part stacks) crystal masks to major crystal manufacturers.

Burr-free aperture edges and controllable draft angles enable improved deposition performance.

Finished masks, produced in stainless steel and nickel with optional gold-plating, typically withstand post-deposition cleaning for up to 10 times longer than conventional masks. Tecan also supplies masks with appropriate framing systems, manufactured in aluminium.


Material Thicknesses Top & bottom masks: 0.003" (approx 75µm)
Spacer/ crystal nests 0.002"−0.015" approx 50-400µm)
Unframed masks: 0.010"−0.020" (250-500µm)
Positional Tolerances (for mask alignment) +/− 15 microns
Materials Stainless steel or nickel
Frames Available on request, contact us for details.

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