Encoder disks

Encoder disks

Tecan is a leading manufacturer of optical encoder disks for a wide array of high-accuracy motion control, positioning and measurement applications. The ultra-fine detail and tolerances achievable with Tecan's technologies are perfectly suited to the optical industry, where absolute accuracy is critical.

Tecan's Photo Electro Forming (PEF) technology enables superior slot smoothness and edge definition. For high-end optical pulse requirements, Tecan uses multi-level Photo Electro Forming which facilitates localised thickness variations; creating further levels on the disk, but not on the slots, for a higher quantity of ultra precise slots.

PEF Encoder Disks

Tecan's Photo Electro Forming process is used to produce the highest quality metal encoder disks available.

An advanced multi-level process produces optical slots of the finest possible resolution whilst selectively increasing the metal thickness of the disk, but not the slots. The result is a single rigid part, with localised thickness variations across its surface designed to suit both optical and mechanical requirements.

PEF disks are typically thinner, lighter and more robust than disks manufactured by other means. They feature slots with extremely smooth, yet optically sharp edges that facilitate a well-defined light pulse.

PCM Encoder Disks

Photo chemical machined encoder disks can be supplied in a variety of metals, thicknesses and sizes. Using flexible photo-lithography based tooling, stress and burr free encoder disks can be manufactured in a wide range of magnetic or non-magnetic alloys as demanded by specific encoder applications.

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