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SPGPrints Brasil Ltda. Commitment with education

SPGPrints believes that education is essential to build a more humane society, with aware and ethical citizens. Therefore, the investment on education projects is one of the company’s concerns.

The project “Escola Irmã – Empresa Amiga” (Sister School, Friendly Company), developed since 1998 by SPGPrints in partnership with SESI – Serviço Social da Indústria (Social Industry Service), benefits children and teenagers from municipal public schools in Piracicaba, offering not only education, but also quality of life, healthcare and leisure.

Another project supported by SPGPrints Brasil is the National Drug Prevention Program “O Brasileirinho” (Brazilian child), developed by the Federal Police in partnership with students from the 1st to 4th years of elementary school. After its adhesion, SPGPrints distributed the Program brochures for Piracicaba students, aiming at the awareness on the dangers and damages caused by the use of drugs.

SPGPrints Brasil was also the first company to adopt the Project for National Pavilion Valuation by Institutions, which aims at encouraging the civic spirit in children and foster the love for the country. Idealized by the Military Service Department and the Municipal Department of Education of Piracicaba, this project offers children the opportunity to experience patriotism.

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SPGPrints Brasil Ltda.

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Piracicaba (SP) Brazil
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