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SPGPrints Brasil Ltda. Commitment with the environment

SPGPrints is aware that the company development is achieved by prioritizing the environment preservation, allied to results achieved through responsible operation, where profit is not only financial.

The prevention of environmental hazards and rational use of natural resources drive the guidelines and rules of our environmental management system. Training and awareness programs for our collaborators, added to monitoring with performance indicators, ensure the maintenance and ongoing improvement of the system. SPGPrints maintains on its plant an up-to-date effluent treatment station, offering safety and well-being for the community it is in.

It is also worth highlighting that industrial residues generated by the company are mostly recycled, eliminating any environmental liability.

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SPGPrints Brasil Ltda.

Av. Comendador Leopoldo Dedini, 150
Piracicaba (SP) Brazil
Tel: +55 19 3437-1300
Fax: +55 19 3437-1339
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